I may look like I’m sitting in my kitchen with my laptop, but actually I’m shopping my favorite designers in New York, London and Paris, finding just the fashion pieces I’ve wanted at just the right price. Yes, I have a “new playground” and I want to share it with you!  If you love fashion, then you will love Lyst.com.

I will always be grateful for growing up in a small town with the most wonderful people and experiences, but a fashion capital it was not.

When barely a teen, I began looking through Seventeen Magazine, but that beautiful, fun, cool, cutting edge clothing on my favorite models and stars was not available to me or ANYone in small towns far from glamorous New York, London or Paris.

Well, they are NOW! For quite a while, e-commerce has made it possible to put merchandise into the hands of anyone anywhere, but it was so time consuming and cumbersome and those beautiful bespoke items were out of reach. It was difficult to find that pretty blouse you saw in a movie or those amazing pants your favorite singer was wearing, or the latest pieces by fashion designers you have read about and learned to love and admire. You saw the current season’s trends in magazines, but didn’t know where to start finding them. You wanted that outfit-making shoe, but had no idea who might have it or if it exists. You found exactly what you were looking for in a nearby store, but they don’t have your size or the color you want. Maybe you want a skirt just like the TV star was wearing, BUT you need something similar that is less expensive.  Perhaps you found what you like, but you want to know when it goes on sale.

LYST takes shopping to another level and solves all those shopping dilemmas in one place. Whether you are looking for a specific fashion item or category, or simply looking to be inspired, they have it all – literally.

Lyst is a global fashion search platform used by 65 million shoppers every year. They are based in London, but 70% of their customers come from the United States. Offering over 4 million fashion products from 11,000 of the world’s leading fashion brands and stores, Lyst brings together the widest inventory in luxury and contemporary fashion online. And they are so very nice and personable.

Recently, I was looking for a certain shoe that I had seen, but my size was gone. I went to Lyst and put in a request. Very shortly, I received a personal email telling me they found my shoe in the perfect size. I thanked the lovely young woman named Alissa for searching, finding and sending me a note. I was certain my message had probably gone to  computerland, not a human, but I wanted her to know I appreciated her work. Shortly thereafter I received a note back kindly thanking me for shopping and inquiring if I needed further assistance. Along with everything else, LYST has outstanding customer service. Alissa got a Lyst customer for life.

You should try it. Let’s say you want a pair of pants. You don’t have to run from store to store and you can be very picky…choose, the color, style, fabric, size and whether you want to pay full price or find it on sale.

So you want it on sale? By how much? You can even tell them your minimum or maximum price. If not on sale now, they will alert you when it does go on sale. All that sitting in your home…or anywhere! And yes, there’s an app for that (click here to download).

Tell Me: What is your favorite site to shop for fashionable finds online?