I’ve been collecting jewelry by designer Dina Mackney for years because she manages to create beautiful pieces in both fashion jewelry and fine jewelry at great price points. Her jewelry is bold, dramatic and brilliant, yet wearable everyday whether I am dressing up or down. Dina designs in fine 18-22k gold, sterling silver or 18-22k gold, vermeil which allows for a wide range of prices.

Of course, I jumped at the chance to meet Dina in person last week! My friend Gary Slade, who educates us on jewelry at Neiman Marcus, called me to say that she would be in town. Knowing us both, he felt certain we would enjoy meeting.


As usual, Gary was so right! In addition to being dazzled by all the pieces in her trunk show, I was delighted by the down-to-earth, engaging, talented woman behind it all. I stayed much longer that I intended and came away with a couple of new pieces, as well as a long wish list.

Dina has a story for each handmade piece of her jewelry. She uses semiprecious and precious gemstones in rich color combinations that make them work well with a variety of favorite clothing all seasons of the year. The unexpected color combinations inspire me to be more creative with my outfits.



Celebrities love her jewelry, as do the rest of us!

I’m wearing her best-selling hoop earrings and strands of her necklaces (that I had bought a few years ago) with her new pink carved Italian glass pendant that I just purchased. I love that the pendants can be bought separately in such beautiful styles and colors, then added to basic gold necklaces. I wear her jewelry with everything from silk dresses to jeans.

Being a wife and busy mother of two, Dina designs for busy women who want to look great all day from work to the soccer field to dinner. Now I admire the jewelry AND the woman behind it.





To learn more and shop visit DinaMackney.com or shop her designs on Neiman Marcus.

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