Sweater weather is approaching soon (hopefully) and this is the time of year that I go in search of brown sweaters. You may be saying “WHY?!” since you know I do not shy away from bold colors and the color brown may seem boring to you. Actually it’s a must-have shade for me that conjures up the beautiful earth-tone colors of autumn we see all around us. It’s also probably a subliminal reminder of some of my favorite food flavors…caramel, chocolate and coffee. AND my friendly, thoughtful, trusty UPS drivers represent the color so well and make me like it even more.

When asked your favorite color, very few people, if any, would answer “Brown!” It’s not my very favorite either, but it is one of my most favorites to pair beautifully with more popular colors…..denim blue, cream, burgundy, pink, green, navy. It’s a marvelous neutral that isn’t quite so stark and stern as black.

And if you need more convincing, it’s been proven that color plays a major role in our lives by the way it influences our moods and emotions. Psychologists say that brown is the color that people associate with someone who is stable, smart and dependable.

Bring on the brown! Here are a few of my favorite brown sweater finds this season.


You can’t go wrong with a classic camel turtleneck. I’m wearing this one by DemyLee from The Poole Shop. I bought 2 sizes larger because I like the over-sized look with my navy plaid JCrew pants.   

My Oscar De La Renta animal print shoes go with almost everything. Camel sweaters are a perfect backdrop for jewelry like my Vicki Barge turquoise or my Oscar De La Renta beads and stones both found at Capitol. My Max Mara camel coat from Saks Fifth Avenue has seen me through about 15 winters now. It’s all about PPW (price per wear).    


I am always drawn to sweaters with hoods. I don’t think I have ever pulled a hood onto my head, but I like the way they look from the back and it’s there if I need a hood. This hooded tan sweater with cuffed, bell sleeves by Giada_Forte is a new favorite to wear with jeans from Nordstrom and my Lanvin tall animal print boots. The sweater and boots are from Capitol.

Dolce & Gabbana thrilled this cat lady with their cat series for fall. I had to have this sweater that looks just like my calico cat Reese who thinks she should have a princess tiara and rest on a burgundy pillow, too. The complimentary colors surrounding the cute cat make this sweater go especially well with burgundy, black and cream.

It will be a few weeks before I can comfortably wear this alpaca beige sweater by Marni. I am about to melt in the photo you see here because it is 90 degrees, but it will be wonderfully warm this winter with a favorite Bajra scarf. The touch of black accent around the neck makes it perfect with black pants, like my black suede Rick Owens and suede fringe booties by YSL.


Tell Me: What wardrobe item are you most excited about this fall?