One of my all-time favorite TV shows was Murphy Brown. I was not alone in my love for that show and it’s main character, played by the talented Candice Bergen. Her show received 62 Emmy nominations (18 wins) and Ms. Bergen won 5 Emmys for her title role. The acerbic character with a love for Motown music and referred to as “Mike Wallace in a skirt” often said out loud the things we wished we had the nerve to say, making US laugh out loud. Ms. Bergen and I both worked for CBS, but I would have been fired in 2 seconds if I had said the things that made this character one of the most beloved on TV. TV Guide named Murphy Brown as one of the 25 greatest TV characters of all time. Candace Bergen was brilliant and made me a fan for life.

You can imagine my excitement over the opportunity to meet her and to learn that she is doing something fun with fashion these days. My husband interviewed her several times over the years for her many movie and TV roles. I got to meet her as an artist/designer. How did this come about?




Knowing her love of drawing cartoon-like characters over the years, Ms. Bergen’s daughter asked her to decorate her Louis Vuitton duffle bag. She posted her new treasure on Instagram. Suddenly friends and relatives began sending their bags for her to personalize. Bergen Bags was born!

She says she rarely visits places to paint in public, but a lot of unique and wonderful things happen at Capitol Charlotte, Laura Vinroot Poole’s unparalleled place for fashionistas. People were standing in line with already iconic handbags to make them even more of an IT bag with personalized painting by Candice Bergen. The prices start at $200 and go up, depending on how large the bag and intricate the painting.

People were in line requesting everything from pet portraits to favorite flowers. Ms. Bergen gives the money to favorite charities. She says that at age 70, it’s fun to do something she has never done before.

I enjoyed the lovely Candice Bergen just as much as Murphy Brown! To learn more visit

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