When the calendar clearly says fall, but the temperature says summer, it can be challenging for those of us who like to recognize the change of season with our fashion choices.

I solve this dilemma by layering lighter weight fall fabrics in seasonal colors. Velvet seems to be considered a fall and winter fabric because of its texture, but it’s really a comfortable year round weight. Because of its popularity this season, you can find velvet in a variety of garments for wearing head to toe.

When getting dressed, I always start with one piece that I really want to wear for the day and build around it. In this case, it was my deep matte gold velvet tank top from J Crew.  These are available in gold, black and pink, a surprising big hue for fall. “Velvet and denim” is a thing this year so my classic Current Elliott jeans work. My Oscar De La Renta cotton sweater bought at Neiman Marcus many years ago pulls everything together and adds a little polish to the basic jeans and top. Jeweled cardigan sweaters can be found in all price ranges and never go out of style.

My velvet shoes in the same shade as my top are also found at J Crew. Velvet shoes can be worn with jeans or a party dress, which make them an excellent find. My crochet bag (pictured above), stitched with a little gold thread, can also be dressed up or down. This one came from Capitol.  

Tell Me: How do you adapt your style for the change in season?