During my TV cooking show years, I once received a letter from someone saying “Seeing how often you use onions in recipes, you probably even put onions on your cereal.” Well, I don’t do that, but I do love them and use them often.

One of my most favorite and versatile cooking methods? Caramelized onions. I even like to keep a batch in my refrigerator. This time of year they are great as toppings on hamburgers, hot dogs and other grilled entrees. Any time of year, I like them in soups and appetizers, on sandwiches, pizza, vegetables and bean salads. The signature sandwich at one of my favorite restaurants tops their burgers with these golden, sweet veggies.

During the summer we have access to fresh, sweet Vidalia onions, so I’ve been making several batches. They are easy and can be done while you are in the kitchen doing other things because they just need a stir every now and then. You can store them in an airtight container in the refrigerator and use them to add savory, sweet flavor to the items I just mentioned and more. But, no, I don’t recommend them for cereal. =)

Get my recipe for caramelized onions below!  


Tell Me: Do you like onions? If so, how do you enjoy it?