My second favorite cake in the world, after Three Layer Caramel Cake, is fresh coconut layer cake with fluffy classic frosting and lots of freshly grated coconut, sometimes made with a lemon curd filling.

Fortunately, the recipe I’m sharing today is not for the all-day-in-the-kitchen kind of coconut cake.

As much as I love it, very few of us have the time to make it. Every year I say that I am going to and I end up with NO coconut cake because I didn’t have the time.

This Coconut Orange Cake is a scrumptious substitute for my favorite and takes minutes instead of hours to prepare, yet still satisfies that coconut cake craving.

Two special friends, named Linda and Mary Helen, held an annual party serving all kinds of favorite southern desserts for years. This was among them and since these two amazing southern cooks proudly served it, I knew I had to try it. It did not disappoint!

So thanks to two of the best cooks I know, I share a delightful shortcut to a southern favorite with you.

Tell Me: What’s your favorite Southern recipe?