When I first heard someone call banana “nature’s Botox” I was completely bewildered. There’s no way eating a banana can help fight wrinkles, I thought.

I later discovered I was somewhat right: using banana as a primary ingredient in a face mask can help to prevent premature wrinkles and fight fine lines. Who knew?

As skincare is incredibly important to me, I enjoy pampering myself with an occasional trip to the spa for a facial, but my day-to-day routine is equally gratifying. Lately I’m discovering the many beauty benefits of simple food items I have in my kitchen, such as yogurt, oats and honey.

With the change in weather, now is the perfect time to consider updating your skincare routine. So today I’m sharing a few ingredients for you to consider adding to your next homemade face mask, as well as their respective beauty benefits for your skin!

egg whites

Egg White: Repairs damaged tissue and promotes a radiant glow, also repairs free radical damage

Avocado: Rich in fatty acids and Vitamin E, promotes healthy skin, hydrates and moisturizes, leaves skin looking and feeling firmer

Oats: A natural exfoliant, absorbs excess oil, softens skin, removes dead cells, draws out toxins and cleans clogged pores


Lemon: A natural astringent, minimizes appearance of ores, prevents excess oiliness, perfect toner for skin, lightens skin, fades scars 

Yogurt: Full of good bacteria, purifies skin pores, brightens complexion, hydrates skin and moisturizes

Honey: Antibacterial, antihistamine, antioxidant, reduces redness and irritation, softens skin, brightens skin and fights acne

Tell Me: What’s your favorite way to give your skin a little TLC?