For those of you who love cornbread, this is another delicious version. These biscuits are tender on the inside with a crunchy crust, a tiny bit sweet balanced with salty bacon pieces. They are perfect to serve with the Easy Black Bean Chili from yesterday.

 These biscuits also come with a sweet story.

For many ears, my recipes could be found for free at all Harris Teeter grocery stores. Throughout all those years, I never saved a single card for myself. It didn’t occur to me that maybe one day, I would like to pass those along to my children and grandchildren.

Recently, a wonderful woman, who thankfully reads my blog, found my recipe cards in her mother’s recipe collection. The thoughtful, kind and caring Elaine Saunders emailed me and asked if I would like to have them. YES! PLEASE!


She mailed them to me and among them was this recipe. Thank you, Elaine!

One of the joys of doing my blog each day is connecting with like-minded, wonderful people. I appreciate you so very much. Let’s dedicate this recipe to your mom, who shared her day with me via TV and you share yours via my blog.


Tell Me: What’s your favorite type of bread to enjoy with dinner?