I absolutely love decorating my living room. As a result, I’ve discovered that decorating the coffee table is one of the easiest ways to set the tone of the room. It instantly creates a focal point and a gorgeous vignette.

I like to modify the items on my coffee table based on the season, holiday or occasion. Recently, I’ve gathered inspiration from this guide from Swoonworthy on creating the perfect vignette:


How great are these tips? For a little more guidance, read on for a few of the rules I follow to create my ideal coffee table vignette.

varietyImage Source: Pinterest

Rule #1: Add Variety: I start my coffee table vignette by gathering a variety of unrelated items for display. I like to grab items that vary in shape, color, texture and height. For reference, my varying items have included books, a vase of flowers, sculptures, candles and decorative glass dishes.


groupingImage Source: Pinterest


Rule #2: Group Items: This method is essentially what’s used in the above photos, and is also quite fun. After grabbing my various items, I then place them in a decorative tray to create a more unified look.


corneringImage Source: Pinterest

Rule #3: Fill the Corners: When I don’t go with my grouping method above, I forgo the tray as a centerpiece and, instead, focus on the four corners of my table. Depending on the shape of your coffee table, this approach helps to make it feel balanced.

Tell Me: How do you decorate your coffee table?