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Since I spend half my time — as well as every Easter — in Atlanta, it’s very appropriate for me to honor the city’s official beverage in the main dish for our Easter celebration.

While the iconic drink was created in Atlanta, it seems to have become every city’s favorite. I don’t know the ingredients (if I did I would be a billionaire), but something in their recipe adds not only a delicious flavor to your baked ham, but also makes it more tender.

I honestly believe we should bake a ham more often considering the many wonderful ways to use the leftovers…ham biscuits, quiche, sandwiches, breakfast casseroles and more!

Next week I will share one of my most favorite uses for leftovers using those flavorful, tender spring green vegetables with a recipe for Spring Pasta Primavera. First, let’s bake the ham.


Tell Me: What dish do you most look forward to enjoying for Easter this year?