Mismatched EarringsImage Source: SELF Magazine

I’ve been way ahead of my time for this current trend of wearing mismatched earrings. It’s a part of my history and now we’re seeing it everywhere from the red carpet to the grocery store!

I cannot count the number of times a friend has kindly whispered to me, “You have on two different earrings.” I was not trying to set a trend. I was trying to get dressed for early morning TV in the dark. Later on, it was because I was not ready to admit I needed glasses. Now being so wrong is right!

I can mix and match and enjoy this major moment of being cool and confident from something that originated from one of my fashion faux pas.

Another reason this trend makes me so happy is because of the ridiculous number of earrings that I have lost just ONE. I’m especially good at losing only one of my more treasured earrings. Now my AWOL earrings inspire me to create original new pairings.

Gwenyth Paltrow Mismatched EarringsGwyneth Paltrow in mismatched earrings (Image Source)

There are a few techniques for mixing the earrings you own.

  • Pair earrings that are the same color, but don’t be concerned about the shape or size. You can also mix and match complementary colors.
  • Combining complementary shapes works well, too. For example, pair a long, linear one with a solitary stud, but keep the metal consistent.

Halle Berry Mismatched EarringsHalle Berry trying out the mismatched trend (Image Source)

  • Combine similar shapes, but different sizes, such as a small hoop and a large hoop.
  • Combine two statement earrings of the same theme, such as a big star and a little star

It can be a tricky trend, so if your own designs aren’t working for you, fashion designers in every price range are doing the work for you. Look for designs by Oscar de la Renta, Aurelie Biderman, DANNIJO, Louis Vuitton and many other favorites.

Tell Me: What’s your favorite jewelry trend at the moment?