I’m celebrating two things today, one that happened on May 1st and the other on May 5th — to me, May 3rd seemed the day to do that. On May 1st, 1978 I cooked on TV for the first time. I celebrated Cinco de Mayo with a Mexican recipe.

Cinco de Mayo does not celebrate Mexico’s Independence Day, as some think, but instead it commemorates a battle that Mexico, led by an American from Texas, won against the French. It was very unlikely they would win the Battle of Puebla, but they did, and have been celebrating ever since that May 5, 1862. Truthfully, it’s a bigger celebration in the United States than Mexico and has evolved into more of a celebration of Mexican culture and heritage than a particular battle.

The recipe I made that day on TV was Taco Pie. I looked like a baby deer in headlights through the whole thing, but I, and the recipe, are still around! I have updated both of us a bit. Get the recipe below!


Tell Me: How will you celebrate Cinco de Mayo this year?