I have updated and super-charged this pasta salad that appeared in one of my earliest cookbooks.

I’ve made the dressing more flavorful by using toasted sesame oil along with the olive oil and by adding sweet chili sauce. Then, instead of classic green peas, I substituted nutritious shelled edamame. While edamame may not be a wonder food, these little green soybeans are filled with protein, fiber and two key antioxidants, vitamins C and A. They turn this tasty side salad into a versatile main dish.

Broccoli, Edamame and Almond Pasta Salad can be made ahead and chilled to serve at a Labor Day gathering celebrating summer’s last fling or to take to a pot luck party as all the fall festivities kick into high gear. I like having it standing by in the refrigerator after a long busy day.

You could also add chicken, such as the Asian Chicken Kabobs that will be on my site tomorrow!

Tell Me: What are your favorite dishes to enjoy for Labor Day weekend?