Back in November I wrote about considering lip filler (click here to read). Of course, like you, I want to age gracefully, but if I can tweak things a little to look better and ease into aging safely and affordably, why not?!

The truth is I have needed lip filler since I was in my twenties. I never smoked, but sun damage and thankfully, a lot of things to smile and laugh about left me with lip lines. And as we age, the corners of our mouths start to turn down instead of up and our lips lose definition.   So to turn up the corners, add definition, stop some lipstick “bleeding” and add a touch of fullness to my lips, I have turned to my national award-winning dermatologist Dr. Gilly Munavalli of the Dermatology, Laser & Vein Specialists of the Carolinas. 

In case you missed my interview with him, see it below to discover everything you need to know about VOLBELLA®:

My goal was to:

  • Reduce lip lines and lipstick “bleeding”
  • Add definition
  • Lift corners of mouth
  • Add a little fullness

I trust Dr. Gilly’s knowledge and skill. We are both in agreement that any kind of cosmetic procedure should look natural and that less-is-more! No duck lips for me, please! I also did not want knives or anesthesia involved. I just wanted a quick, comfortable, in-office procedure and no down time that accomplishes my goals.

Dr. Gilly works with all types of fillers and tailors a treatment plan for each patient, basing it upon what he and other experts consider the best product based on technology, science and results.

From his own experience, product study and seeing results from his international travel and studies, he chose VOLBELLA® for me; a filler that has recently been approved in the United States by the FDA. I like knowing it has been used in Europe for years and that Dr. Gilly has tested it there and seen great results there.

Positives for VOLBELLA®:

  • FDA approved
  • Naturally-derived, so smaller risk of allergic reaction
  • Contains nutrients to keep skin hydrated and soft
  • It is a hyaluronic acid filler, providing soft and natural looking volume
  • Contains lidocaine which acts as an anesthetic as it is injected
  • Lasts longer
  • Affordable

I was a little nervous at the beginning, but Dr. Gilly and his staff put me completely at ease. They let me know they have done procedures like this thousands of time.

Before getting started on my lips, Dr. Gilly gave me a dental block (numbing injection), using the tiniest of needles. It was very similar to what we experience when we visit the dentist. It stings only slightly, since the mouth is very sensitive, but it is certainly tolerable. No big deal there! If you can go to the dentist, you can handle this.

After that, I felt nothing as the VOLBELLA was injected. It took very little time and I have some long-term results that I love. I do bruise very easily, so I had that, but I covered it with make up and went on with my life with no down time. I did learn there is some medication that reduces bruising and I will apply that next time. I had zero pain or discomfort after the procedure.

I’m very pleased! All my goals were met. As you look at the before and after photos with NO make up, keep in mind that I wanted subtle, natural results with a little fullness and more definition. Mission accomplished!

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Tell Me: Have you ever tried lip fillers? If so, how was your experience?