Living in Style


I’ve loved fashion since my first print ad when I was six. That passion continues now past 60. I hope you will be inspired to create your own outfits as I share my favorite fashion finds from shopping as well as from meeting and learning from top designers.


An attitude of gratitude and the promise that I will do my part to stay healthy and look the best I can have made a huge difference in the aging process for me. I also smile and laugh a lot. I choose to be surrounded by positive, fun, uplifting
people who make me laugh and who share the same appreciation and zest for life that I have. Life is too short to spend time with anyone whose spirit does not lift yours.

My passion for fashion helps me look and feel more youthful. I dress youthfully because it makes me happy. If I am tasteful and respectful of those around me, I will continue to wear the things that make me cheerful. Some days, it’s colorful classics with a twist that are sometimes a little whimsical. Other days I want rich, dark colors that are still soft, feminine, romantic, and pretty. Occasionally, I will choose a theme while being careful not to look like I’m in a costume. I often start with a pair of shoes or a handbag or a pair of earrings and build from there. We all must get dressed, so why not make it fun and enjoy it all day.

I share my outfits on social media, not to say you must buy specific pieces, but to inspire others with color combinations, styles, trends, and outfit ideas they may not have considered. I encourage others to shop their own closets and their favorite stores to find similar combinations. Improvise to choose pieces that are right for your own style, taste, and body. If I introduce a piece that someone has been searching for or falls in love with, that’s good, too.

Just be yourself and enjoy each day.

A youthful heart is contagious.