Coming Home

Recipes and Reflections from a Life in the Spotlight

It is a joy to share this collection of my favorite recipes, along with new favorites beloved by family and friends. All are easy to make, simple to master, and classics for those who enjoy delicious Southern food. I also share my reflections from forty years of hosting TV shows, raising children, meeting my heroes, and confronting against-all-odds challenges. My love of food took me on quite an adventure! My faith got me through it.

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What Readers Are Saying…

Wonderful and Inspiring Book

Received mine and love it. A wonderful and inspiring book. My night time reading. The recipes are fantastic..Bravo!

Anthony Wade Aycock

Thank You for Inspiring Me to Get Back in the Kitchen.

…since Casey brought me your cookbook I have cooked every night this week! I DONT COOK! I love your book so much. So far I’ve made the chicken veg. Soup, the barbecue meatloaf, I just put Elvis pound cake in the oven, and I can’t think of the other ones I’ve tried. My husband doesn’t know what to think! I promise you that I have not cooked in so long. After my kids grew up and moved out I just went on strike. Haha. Thank you for inspiring me to get back in the kitchen. Can’t wait to taste this cake. –

Beverly Harper Duke

Buying at Least Six Books

Read the book tonight and even though I don’t cook I will be buying at least six books to give to people I respect, love and like to share special things with!!

Pat Bryant

It Is Truly Inspiring

I just finished reading “Coming Home”. It is truly inspiring and validates the importance of authentic faith and being grateful, no matter what twists and turns our life experiences may be. Blessings to Barbara and her family, and to Casey Ballard for introducing me to Barbara via “Coming Home!” And now, my grocery list just got longer!

Velta Morris

It was So Good

I have made your mother’s hot artichoke dip from the book two nights. One night I just skipped the rest of dinner and we had it with a glass of wine because it was so good. I already made the roasted asparagus and have marked the next ones I am making this week. Have assembled the goodies for the brownies too.

Suzanne Pace

Fascinating, Interesting, Inspirational

Your book Coming Home is fascinating, interesting, inspirational.  I could not stop turning the pages.  You brought the characters to life. The messages were memorable.  I observed, without exception, the acclaim and gratitude was turned away from yourself and toward your friends and colleagues.  Such a rare gift. I will treasure my beautifully inscribed copy of your book, just as I treasure our friendship. You are, indeed, a people magician

Joan Zimmerman

Thank You for Sharing Your Pain and Beauty So Gracefully.

A native son of Charlotte, I “grew up” with you via media. You were always effervescent and charming Studied your photos and wardrobe and personal journeys—- avoiding pedestals, but complimenting you as a professional, dynamic woman, and life explorer. My mom was former associate superintendent of CMS schools, her mom a published poet with work in the Library of Congress. I sustain such respect and appreciation for all facets that make you a beautiful woman! My women were “givers”. You are a giver. Thank you for sharing your pain and beauty so gracefully. Be well.

Michael Crowell

Spreading Smiles Throughout Our City and Beyond

I’d love to host a dinner party with your recipes and host you as guest of honor…. But then honestly Barbara… that’s going to be the case with just about everyone who gets your book!!

I can assure you your book will be spreading smiles throughout our city and beyond!! (We all needed this too)

Daniel Frohman Johnson

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My love and appreciation for food was matched only by my passion for TV, movies and music.

– Barbara mckay, coming home

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