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I have a new book:

Coming Home

It is a joy to share this collection of my favorite recipes, along with new favorites beloved by family and friends. All are easy to make, simple to master, and classics for those who enjoy delicious Southern food. I also share my reflections from forty years of hosting TV shows, raising children, meeting my heroes, and confronting against-all-odds challenges. My love of food took me on quite an adventure! My faith got me through it. Published by SPARK Publications.

What readers are saying.

“While this appears to be a beautiful book with delectable recipes and stories about Barbara McKay’s incredible career, it’s so much more than that. Coming Home is the primer on how to live an extraordinary life with grace, wit, charm, style, tenacity, and mountains of hard work. Only Barbara could do it all so beautifully and make it look so darn simple.” 

– Laura Vinroot Poole, Owner, Capitol

“Barbara’s story is a joyful, life-affirming reminder that when we share our truest selves with those we love, every meal is a feast. And what a feast these recipes are! Barbara brings her warmth, grace, and generosity of spirit to every page. Passion for life and a boundless faith are her secret ingredients in the kitchen and everywhere else.”

– Sheri Lynch, syndicated talk show host and author


All about Barbara

Barbara McKay

I have been blessed to contribute to a generation of aspiring cooks and fashionistas. I have shared adventures that range from exotic travels to volcanoes and glaciers. I have also had a variety of interviews with local, national, and international celebrities. Along the way we have exchanged experiences, recipes, fashion and lifestyle tips, and each other’s joys and challenges.




Cooking with Barbara

After presenting recipes daily on TV for decades, I learned what people like to prepare. They want easy and delicious food that is not too complicated and uses fresh ingredients that are easy to find. It is my pleasure to continue to share those favorite old and new recipes on my blog. Look for family and seasonal favorites, cooking for one or for company, gifts from your kitchen, yummy desserts, healthy and healing foods, and more.





Fabulous Fashion and Fun

Living in Style

I’ve loved fashion since my first print ad when I was six. That passion continues now past 60. I hope you will be inspired to create your own outfits as I share my favorite fashion finds from shopping as well as from meeting and learning from top designers.
 Follow along as I share my personal musings and daily discoveries when it comes to not just fashion, but also trendsetters, animal lovers, foodies, and other inspirations in life.

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