According to many reliable sources, it is time for me to start drinking more tea. Research shows that drinking tea has tons of health benefits. To name a few…

  • Tea contains antioxidants to keep us young and protect us
  • Tea may reduce heart attacks and strokes and battle cancer
  • Tea may help with weight loss
  • Tea may be good for bone and tooth health
  • Tea soothes the digestive system and boosts the immune system

I could name several more virtues, but that’s enough to encourage me to develop a tea-drinking habit. How does this devoted coffee drinker move to tea?

To help me with my tea education and enjoyment, I turned to Adagio Teas, a fascinating tea website where not only delicious, healthy, and healing teas of every imaginable flavor can be found, they also have teaware, gifts, blends, potions, loose teas and spices to create your own. You can shop from a huge selection of teas sourced from artisan growers offering all popular tea types.

For those of you more advanced than I with your tea consumption, Adagio offers the option of blending your own tea. They have a large menu of teas…black, chai, green, rooibos, herbal and many more as well as the spices to mix in to make your own unique blend, The spices come from the farmers who produced them in their land or origin.


Adagio Teas offer “fandom” signature blends in themed tins. You can curl up with the nostalgic mlp (My Little Pony) blend of chocolate, almond spice flavors or sip on Harry Potter aromatic blends each named for a favorite character. For example, there is the Dumbledore tin blended with green rooibos tea, black tea, marigold flowers, lemon grass, natural lemon flavor, ginger root, orange peels, natural ginger flavor, natural vanilla flavor, mango pieces, apricots, natural orange flavor. Visiting the site to see the blends is as entertaining as enjoying the delicious tea.

Adagio taught me about tea pets, which you know I would love. This tradition dates back to the Yuan Dynasty (1206-1368 AD) when small clay figurines would accompany tea-drinking moments. The little animals are made to have tea poured over them and absorb the scents and colors. There are dragons, dogs, birds and even a pig. They are each designed with holes and cutaways to create different effects when tea is poured over them. The little pig sprays water from its mouth. These little friends remind you it’s time for tea and make your teatime even more relaxing and fun.

I have begun my tea transformation with what I think would make a wonderful mother’s day gift, whether a novice or not. I ordered the ingenuiTEA teapot.


This clever and convenient 2-cup little pot makes the tea preparation a lovely part of the experience of relaxing with a cup of tea. For $24 you get the starter set, which includes the unique pot, a tea sampler, and a lovely little Guide to Tea book. I really enjoyed making my tea! Click here for a video showing how it works.

There are many other gifts and gadgets to showcase your tea in style, but as I educate myself and learn more about the myriad of teas and their virtues, I think my next purchase will be the Day and Night Set which has a tin of tea for all day use: Jump Start to get you going in the morning, Daydream to sustain you through the day, 40 Winks to send you off to sleep. Each tin of tea has ingredients specifically blended to combat weary mornings, dragging afternoons, or sleepless nights.

I look forward to gaining all the positive benefits of drinking tea while enjoying the journey!


Tell Me: What’s your favorite type of tea and why?