Tis the season for fresh home-grown tomatoes! I have loved them for as far back as I can remember from my grandmother’s garden to my daddy’s garden to now finding them at the farmer’s market. They are so juicy, delicious, versatile and good for us.

Turns out there are many good health reasons to enjoy this summer fruit.

  • The lycopene found in tomatoes can reduce heart disease and fight cancer.
  • They strengthen our immune system because tomatoes are packed with vitamin C.
  • Tomatoes contain the amino acid carnitine, which speeds fat-burning by our bodies.

Tomatoes have several other impressive attributes, but that’s plenty for me to feel good about eating them everyday. I find it interesting that the lycopene in tomatoes is best absorbed in cooked tomatoes while the vitamin C is absorbed better in raw tomatoes. That gives me reason to enjoy them both ways.

Besides being wonderful in sauces, gumbos, stews and soups, here’s another favorite recipe for cooked tomatoes. You can use a refrigerated or frozen crust to make this faster, but I have also included a homemade crust that I especially like for when you have more time. It is worth the effort.

Tell Me: What’s your favorite tomato-themed recipe?