This is one of my all-time favorite desserts. Besides being delicious, easy and impressive to look at, it’s perfect for any season. For all those good reasons, I decided to make it on a nationally syndicated LIVE show many years ago when I was a guest.

Some of you may remember the Crook and Chase Show produced in Nashville, but televised nationally. I was very excited about being a guest with several well-known music stars, and meeting the popular hosts.

I carefully chose to prepare this spectacular but simple, yummy dessert. To make it look even more festive, I decided to perch it on a pedestal cake stand. Since it is prepared in a springform pan, you just release the sides and place the bottom of the pan supporting the Special Day Dessert on the glass cake stand. All went wonderfully until I swirled around to show the LIVE audience and special guests the beautiful completed dessert. As I spun around, the entire dessert slid off the plate and PLOPPED in the middle of the floor. My lovely dessert was in a disastrous BLOB on the studio floor. The hosts, the other guests and the audience were doubled over laughing. I’m sure the people watching were doing some lols. Too bad America’s Funniest Videos was not on then. I might have won!

I still love this recipe, but can’t help but think about that embarrassing moment every time I make it. Enjoy, but don’t dance around with it. 

Tell Me: What is your all-time favorite dessert?