There are so many reasons that I love summer! Fresh, delicious food is a major one of them.

I was fortunate enough to grow up with grandparents who had a farm and a father who insisted that we have a HUGE backyard garden. He also loved to fish, go shrimping and crabbing. I was enjoying the benefits of fresh, organic food long before it was cool. I knew nothing else, but all natural.

Today I’m sharing one of my favorite summer menus consisting of:

  • Fresh Shrimp Salad
  • Silver Queen Corn
  • Watermelon and
  • Homemade Hot Fudge Sundaes

I go to the farmer’s market instead of my backyard and the beach for the ingredients, but those wonderful markets are easy to find for most of us. To me, Simpson’s Farmer’s Market is one of the best!

One sweet memory about the sweet Silver Queen corn — my daddy would send me to the backyard garden just before dinner to pick the corn and his instructions were as follows:

“Walk to the garden, pick the corn and RUN as fast as you can back to the kitchen where the water will be boiling. If you fall down running back, throw that away and start again.”

Bottom line: Cook the corn as soon as possible because for the corn to be at its most tender, delicious best, it needs to be cooked and eaten IMMEDIATELY after being picked. I can’t do that these days, but I do look for fresh corn and cook as soon as possible.

The homemade hot fudge sauce was one of my mom’s specialties. I do love The Dairy Queen, but their hot fudge (or anyone else’s) does not come close to this yummy recipe. It’s one of the first things I ever learned to make and remains one of my all time favorites.

Without further ado, I invite you enjoy recipes for Fresh Shrimp Salad and Homemade Hot Fudge Sauce below!


Tell Me: What are some of your favorite Sunday dinner menu items?