key lime pie

My friend Casey Ballard, who owns By Casey Flowers and Interiors in Lancaster SC, recently made this for some very special guests. It was such a hit he wanted to share it with me so that I can share with all of you.

Casey Ballard

Casey Ballard

This is perfect for the holidays! It’s easy and elegant and who doesn’t love key lime pie? Casey and I will even give you some options to make it your way.

  • Casey didn’t want to waste the egg whites (admirable!) so he used them for beautiful meringue on his pie. I like to freeze the whites for another use later and top my key lime pie with whipped cream. You decide for yours.
  • To save time, Casey used a pre-prepared graham cracker crust and his pie was enjoyed by all. Even though it does add some extra prep time, I always prepare my own graham cracker crust using my mom’s recipe. I’ve included my recipe for that. You can decide what is best for you based on your time.

Enjoy this favorite pie for the holidays and any time of year!

Tell Me: What’s your favorite type of pie?