My chocolate/peanut butter calico cat named Reese really wants to get her paws on these, but cats can’t have chocolate, which leaves plenty for me. Reese’s Cups are a favorite of mine and if you like them too, I think you will  enjoy the homemade version.

Today’s post is friend inspired. Actually, I had never met Terri Adcock until she kindly stopped me in the grocery store to share that she had watched me on TV for years and still regularly uses one of my cookbooks. This recipe is one of her favorites.

I treasure my TV friends and always appreciate the opportunity to spend time with and learn more about them. At the end of this post I will share something else Terri inspired that might be a wonderful idea you would like too, but recipe first. This versatile fun fall recipe is perfect as a homemade Halloween treat for a neighborhood or school party, makes a fun fall hostess gift, or to serve at your many meetings that fall brings. Wrapped in cellophane with a fall-inspired ribbon make perfect party favors or for Trick-or-Treaters.

As promised, here is another inspiration from Terri. I commented on her beautiful cross with a diamond center. She said it was very special because it was made from her parents’ wedding bands and her engagement diamond. The beautiful, nostalgic piece was designed by Charles Smith at Morrison Smith Jewelers in Charlotte. It is such a beautiful way to honor those we love. Thank you, Terri!

I always enjoy meeting and learning from my TV friends.

Tell Me: What’s your favorite candy recipe to duplicate at home?