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Did you know the word “selfie” was added to Merriam-Webster Dictionary just two years ago?

I’ve become accustomed to seeing self-taken photos of my friends and family members as I scroll through my Instagram and Facebook feeds. I often indulge in the selfie trend, too!

I think they’re fun to take and I enjoy the fact that I get to be the person in front of and “behind” the camera all at once.

Barbara McKay selfie

Thanks to my career in television, I’ve learned quite a few helpful tricks to help you look your best in front of a camera. Read on for my six easy tips to improve your selfie technique! 


Great Lighting is a Must. For a great, filter-free glow in your photos, ample lighting is key. If you’re outdoors, face the sun to take a selfie. And if you’re in your bathroom, for instance, be sure to turn toward the light.

Give Yourself Options. Don’t just stop at one photo! The more photos you take, the more you’ll have to choose from when deciding which to post.


Barbara McKay selfie tips

Find Your Best Angle. We all have our “best side” when taking a photo. While some people look great in photos taken from above, others can look their best in photos taken from eye-level.

Be sure to play around with photos taken from different angles to capture your best one! You may even be surprised at how different each photo looks.

 Try a Filter. Whether you want to add a vintage feel to your snapshot or subtly enhance the lighting, nearly every photo-sharing social media platform now has photo-filtering capabilities to help you perfect your selfie.

Flash Your Pearly Whites. One of my favorite quotes is “A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear” because I agree – no one looks bad with a genuine smile!

Be Authentic. If you look uncomfortable in your selfie or seem to be posing, your friends and followers will likely be able to tell. Before you take a selfie, remember to simply relax.

Tell me: What are your tips for a perfect selfie?