Earlier I shared simple ways to get started with spring-cleaning to get everyone in the spirit of the season. Today, for those of you who also find it hard to get rid of things, I’m sharing five questions that I like to ask myself to help with decluttering my belongings.

Check out a quick list below!

  1. Have I used it or worn it in the past 12 months? If the answer is “no”, chances are you won’t be using it or wearing it again any time soon.
  1. Do I already have the same item or an item very similar to this one? To help eliminate clutter, I try to rid my closet of duplicate items that I no longer need.
  1. Is it still in good condition? If it’s broken or needs to be fixed (yet again), it may be time to consider throwing it out.

  1. Could I use this space for something else? Think about any items in your storage area – such as books or nostalgic items – that may be occupying space you could be using for something that holds more value.
  1. Do I love it? Finally, this question has helped me decide whether to keep or toss many an item in my home. If you don’t love it, and are simply holding on to something out of obligation, it may be time to consider adding it to the clutter pile, too!

Tell Me: Which questions do you ask yourself before ridding your home of clutter?