Forgiveness is a two-way process, and we all know no apology truly works unless you’re sincere, and accept responsibility for your part in the situation.

We all make mistakes and, sometimes, disappoint or offend a loved one unintentionally. It’s never easy to say, “I’m sorry”, but there are several creative ways to create a genuine apology.

In honor of June 26th being Forgiveness Day, read on for 10 simple ways to say “I’m sorry” to friends, family and colleagues.


Say “I’m sorry” to a loved one by creating a book, with each page dedicated to a unique reason why you love this person.

Create a collage or scrapbook of your photos from over the years and send to them. Be sure to include your apology!


Bake his or her favorite treat with an “I’m Sorry” note attached! You may even get extra points if you bake their favorite cake and write “I’m sorry!” in icing at the top.


If your mistake was minor, using humor may be a helpful way to smooth the situation over. For instance, give them a bag of nuts with a note attached that reads, “I know I drove you nuts. I’m sorry”.

Another cute way to say I’m sorry for men is to gift the lady in your life with a Ring Pop and a note attached that says something like, “I was told the best way to make up with a girl is to buy them a RING, I sure hope they’re right!”


This method of forgiveness isn’t always fun, but it is an effective tool to make up. Instead of being reactive, be proactive, and ask what you can do to make it up to that person.

Expressing the desire to change your behavior also goes a very long way in an apology.


A handwritten letter never gets old, especially if the message in the card is meaningful. If you’ve got enough space, you can highlight some of the ways you can make it up to him/her.

Writing a poem expressing your apology is a sincere and compassionate way to preserve your relationship and potentially deepening the bond that you share.


It’s hard to stay mad when you hug someone. Hugging can bridge the widest of emotional distances.


Make a donation to the other person’s favorite charity. Get a receipt of the donation, hand it to the other person and apologize by saying, “I’m sorry.

Tell Me: How do you think someone can genuinely say they’re sorry?